Z1 has provided the storytelling with data community with a perfect digital shelter to practice, get feedback, and iterate.

A significant 200-page report on climate change, a doctoral thesis on a promising line of investigation of infectious disease, a relevant survey on consumption habits carried out on more than 30 million people. The data is there, it surrounds us everywhere, and it’s potentially fascinating. But data doesn’t say anything on its own. Someone has to help it tell a story. Something that Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, an industry leader who founded storytelling with data (SWD), knows well.

Cole and her team at SWD have built and boosted a growing online community of people who are eager to learn how to…

As an illustrator, you may have never dreamed of seeing your work published in an app. It’s time to overcome this prejudice.

At some point in our lives, we have all drawn. We have all used a pencil and a piece of paper to explain an idea that was difficult for us to express in words alone (or at least for the pure pleasure of it). The difference is that some of us continue to draw our entire lives. This is what happened to me.

My name is Fran. I’m an illustrator at Z1, and the romanticism that prompted me to continue holding the pencil remains intact. …

We share some of the lessons we save from this challenging and weird year.

Just a year ago, we were getting ready for the Christmas season at Z1. The mild and bright winter of Seville allows us to still enjoy time outsides. We don’t have snow in this part of the world, but in exchange we can enjoy a BBQ on our patio, go hiking in the mountains on a sunny morning or go jumping with the team on trampolines (yes, we did that) after playing paintball (yes, we did that too).

Like every December, we celebrated the Z1 Summit, a party in which colleagues working remotely from other cities come to visit us…

Pasamos del borrador de una idea a un producto digital que impulsa el movimiento hacia la inversión sostenible.

Al pensar en el mundo de la inversión, seguramente el primer color que se te pasa por la cabeza es el gris o el azul oscuro, los tonos de los trajes que serios inversores visten mientras intentan ganar más y más dinero. Sin embargo, estos colores están virando hacia el verde desde hace años, cobrado cada vez más fuerza un tipo de inversión con impacto y raíces filantrópicas que busca no sólo la rentabilidad económica, sino también el impacto positivo de alguna causa social o medioambiental.

En este contexto se enmarca Seeds, una start-up del sector fintech que…

We went from the draft of an idea to a digital product aiming to lead the movement toward sustainable investing.

When thinking about investing, the first color that may come to your mind is probably grey or dark blue, the colors of the suits serious men and women wear while trying to make more and more money. However, the investment world is changing for good, and now, with Seeds leading the movement toward sustainable investing, this color is now shades of green.

The pandemic, social injustice, and climate crises have put corporate behavior in the spotlight, and investors are reacting. The future of technology-enabled investing is tied into the social consciousness — how we invest our money matters.

Dalal Alrayes is a brave woman entrepreneur who we worked with to design Spare, a smart and safe digital product to radically change the way young people interact with their finances in Kuwait.

Although Kuwait likes to present itself as one of the most advanced democracies in the Persian Gulf, the truth is that its own recent past and its present challenges this claim. Dalal Alrayes, an entrepreneur from this country and head of Spare, an app designed to give everyone the power to be smart with their money, knows all about it. In her culture, women simply do not usually hold positions of power. She wanted to change things.

After spending years abroad and experiencing products and services in the financial space as well as apps that make people’s lives easier, she…

Dalal Alrayes es la emprendedora detrás de Spare, una aplicación que ayuda a los kuwaitíes a ahorrar y entender mejor sus finanzas.

Aunque a Kuwait le gusta presentarse como una de las democracias más avanzadas del Golfo Pérsico, la verdad es que su pasado reciente y su presente cuestionan esta afirmación. Dalal Alrayes, una emprendedora de este país y directora de Spare, aplicación diseñada para dar a todos el poder de ser inteligentes con su dinero, puede confirmarlo. En su cultura, las mujeres simplemente no suelen ocupar puestos de poder. Pero este no iba a ser el caso. …

We helped craft Trip from the ground up, a new product for guiding you through consciousness-expanding experiences

A colorful and dreamy landscape appears on the screen. A soothing, minimalist home screen with a quote from a writer, this time it’s Proust’s turn: “The only true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new territories, but in looking with new eyes.” By pressing the + button, the camera moves in a POV shot towards the clouds, inviting you to begin by connecting with your breath.

We are now heading into Trip, a self-guided journey that blends modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology to help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences through intention setting, mood tracking…

Cuando decidiste dedicarte a la ilustración, tal vez no soñabas con ver tu trabajo publicado en una app. Ha llegado el momento de saltar por encima de este prejuicio

Este artículo se publicó originalmente en Dribbble.

El autor de este artículo, Fran Pulido, dibujando en el patio de las oficinas de Z1 en Sevilla.

En algún momento de nuestra vida, todos hemos dibujado. Todos hemos agarrado un lápiz y papel para explicar una idea que nos era difícil exponer sólo con palabras. O por puro placer. La diferencia es que algunos continuamos usando esta herramienta toda nuestra vida. Esto fue lo que me pasó a mí.

Me llamo Fran, soy ilustrador en el estudio de productos digitales Z1 y estoy aquí para contaros que el romanticismo que me llevó a seguir empuñando el lápiz se mantiene intacto en el mundo digital en el que ahora también navego.

Does your inbox feel out of control? We introduce you to the solution we helped to create

At this point in the digital era, almost everyone has multiple email addresses and receives far more emails than they may ever be able to read. The idea of ​​needing another life just to manage all this information haunts us all too often.

The number of unread messages continues to grow day by day. During 2020, your inbox has probably reached all-time records, with the consequent stress that these numbers produce, especially if the email is a fundamental tool in your professional life.

Each message, from the most important to the most insignificant, represents a new demand on your time…

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